With a reputation of being highly-competent and possessing a thorough understanding of business and technology solutions, we work alongside your team and provide endless support to ensure every engagement is a success.


The fundamental cornerstone at Diversus is trust. It starts before we accept an engagement. We hire highly competent staff to ensure that they can trust in each other’s abilities and experience. We need to trust that we can deliver on the challenge ahead of us. And we ask that our clients trust us to deliver. There is significant ‘trust’ in effective business.

“Working with Diversus we found that we could trust that they would deliver what was promised. No project is ever easy, but to work with a trusted partner like Diversus, makes the journey better.” CIO, Western Australian government agency


Delivering tested and trusted solutions in various organisations demonstrates Diversus’ reliability. It’s not about a ‘one-off’ solution or a ‘work around’. It’s about delivery of a quality solution that is reliable. Our staff, too, make a commitment to reliability and dependability to deliver within timeframes and budget to meet client objectives.

“After thorough due diligence, we engaged Diversus to assist in building the core functionality of our business. Their approach was well documented and well thought-out. The consultants engaged in the project ensured that we were kept informed along the way with business-critical decision planned well in advance.” Executive Director and Project Sponsor


Is quality tangible? Is it measureable? At Diversus we believe quality is real! We constantly assess our current projects recording lessons learned for our future engagements. Our technology solutions have stood the test of time; our consultants are certified in the technologies and methodologies they are deploying. Diversus delivers quality solutions to meet your business challenges and align with organisational strategy.

“Before working with Diversus, we had engaged another technology consulting firm. The delivery was delayed and botched. Thanks to Diversus, they rescued the reasonable components of the project and delivered a quality solution in the end.” IT Manager, engineering firm


Technology can be engineered in many different ways. It may seem simplistic to connect A to B, but there is a significant skill in connecting the pieces to ensure you get more than what you had. Diversus innovates the technology. It doesn’t mean we necessarily create new applications all the time, but our experience and knowledge of the technologies we deploy allows us to provide an innovative solution.

“We had used an intranet product for a few years in our organisation and we thought that we knew everything about it. When we needed to improve our governance, we engaged Diversus to cast fresh eyes on our processes. Within a short period of time, Diversus re-engineered our intranet to provide a better end-user experience and meet our strict governance standards.” Communications Manager, national insurer