Established in 2006, Diversus has pursued steady and sustainable growth with a low staff turnover. It’s always been our priority to provide a supportive culture, healthy work environment, and fun team spirit.

We value the contribution of our employees and work closely with them to provide interesting projects, challenging responsibilities, and a clearly defined learning and development pathway.

If a role at Diversus interests you, please submit your resume in confidence to our People and Culture team or call 1300 888 900 to find out more about working with us.

How does it feel to work for Diversus?

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“My work with Diversus has spanned a wide and varied technical domain covering architecture, different coding languages, and IT infrastructure. There are always opportunities to learn something new and improve upon existing knowledge.”
- Mike, Senior Technical Consultant

Feel passionate, interested, or just a little curious about your work

The work at Diversus spans a wide range of roles, technologies, and client industries so there’s always something a bit different to keep each project challenging. In particular, we aren’t locked into any specific vendors or toolsets. As well as the variety, the wide range of work provides great opportunities to take work assignments that align with your interests and ongoing development, even if it means pivoting and changing that direction from time to time!

Diversus team

“Diversus gives me the opportunity to work on things that align with my interests in tech. As I’ve taken an interest in front end development, UI/UX development, and various design tools they’ve been able to place me in project roles aligned to that type of work.”
- Nel, Technical Consultant

Feel excited about your development and career progression

Our management and leadership team is growing, but we’ve also got career paths for our deep domain specialists, our technology mastering experts, and our ranging multi-disciplinary professionals. Your work assignments, training opportunities, and development pathway is developed directly with your input and jointly reviewed every six months. We need a wide range of professional skills to keep Diversus operating at its best and we have pathways for all of them to develop and progress.

Boardroom - Claude, Deanne, Richie

“Working at Diversus teaches you a lot – you’re always surrounded by very intelligent people from all walks of life. I’ve learned so much purely from conversations with other team members and learning about the processes. It’s a collaborative environment and everyone participates.”
- Nat, People and Culture Administrator

Feel enthusiastic about collaborating with your co-workers

The culture at Diversus starts with the behaviours and we reward through hiring, professional recognition, and promotion stages. We love that our people are knowledgeable and intelligent, but what’s most important is that they are good to work with. This means you’re alongside people who have a desire to support each other, a drive to collaborate, and a mutual respect for the strengths and differences that everyone brings. There are others who can help you when you need it and the opportunities for you to return the favour and help others out.

Meeting - Dien and Viral

“I think what has made the most difference for me was the close involvement of the Directors in the hiring process. It doesn't work for every business, but it was validating to know they were interested in meeting me and finding out more about me.”
- Bec, Senior Consultant

Feel appreciated in your engagement with senior management

Our senior managers are directly involved in recruiting talent and working with staff on their ongoing development. They’ll have open and transparent discussions with you about the clients, projects, and work assignments as they are arranged and as they progress. The managers are approachable and genuine in their interactions, with a focus on what’s meaningful and worthwhile for everyone involved.

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“The people are what make coming to work such a pleasant experience. Everyone contributes positively to the culture here, and you can tell Diversus cares about the staff and their wellbeing.”
- Alistair, Senior Consultant

Feel comfortable having the difficult discussions

IT work can be complex and challenging, which is part of what makes it interesting. When things are getting difficult you can feel confident in discussing it with your managers and co-workers in a respectful, informed, and considered manner. Having a shared understanding of where the challenges are and working through issues together in a timely way will always be important to us. And when things don’t go right, as sometimes happens, we like to take a ‘no blame’ approach and move forward together within our supportive culture.

“Diversus is passionate about helping the community – helping offer workplace learning for young talent through our internship program, food drives and our Employee Community Funds are some of my favourite ways we try to give back and I appreciate working for a company that supports its community.”
- Deanne, Senior Consultant

Feel good about Monday morning on Sunday night

The culture at Diversus is about the way we work together. Working on meaningful outcomes for our clients, better ways for us to deliver value, and worthwhile contributions to our community. It’s nice to start and end the week being satisfied with what you’re working on and comfortable with who you’re working with.

What benefits can I enjoy with Diversus?

  • Career development plan: Together with our employees, we create a tailored career plan recognising your achievements and learning needs to encourage your personal development and growth.
  • Lunch and learn events: Have lunch on us while refining your consulting tool kit by attending our regular PM/BA or Technical Practice sessions.
  • Work/life balance and flexibility: We offer working arrangements that support our staff to meet their work, family and other life commitments.
  • Monthly company meetings: Get to know your fellow Diversus team members (and more about the different types of work throughout the organisation) at one of our twilight barbeques, bowling, breakfast meetings or end of year events.
  • Equitable workplace: Diversus takes pride in achieving diversity and inclusion through greater opportunities such as through women in technology and returning to work programs.
  • Collaborative workspace: Our new office is bright, with spaces to match different work and support needs. We’re centrally located, with good access to public transport, parking, food, and shopping options.
  • Supporting future talent pipeline: Interns and graduates (and even work experience students) are given a real-time insight into the world of technology and consulting through meaningful work and mentoring.
  • Interesting projects: Our clients span from small growing enterprises through to the largest well-recognised organisations in WA. You’ll participate in bringing impactful change across a broad range of industries.
  • New and varied technology: Enjoy a better selection of technology to work with and learn more about.
  • Technology partnership benefits: Our staff has access to the solutions, resources, training, and events provided by the many of our technology partners, such as Microsoft, AWS and more.
  • Employee technology purchase reimbursement: To help you work better, we have a Portable Electronic Device Reimbursement Policy available to our employees so if it’s headphones, mobile phones etc; get the tech you need.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): To assist with your support and wellness, Diversus employees can rely on an EAP provided by BSS Psychology.
  • Employee Community Fund (ECF): Our ECF initiative allows us to contribute to community organisations and projects that our employees are passionate about supporting.
  • And of course, when it comes to Financial reward: We offer industry-competitive remuneration, based on ability, expertise, and responsibility. We strive for pay parity, gender diversity and fairness in our rewards systems.

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