Meet Sharon Johnson, our Service Delivery Manager. Throughout her time at Diversus Sharon has continued to progress her career and shape the Service Delivery team that exists today! She is a problem solver and always ensures that others are supported and set up for success!


Sharon started her journey at Diversus after taking a career break to have children, volunteer and care for her dad who was diagnosed with cancer. She joined Diversus through a referral from her brother-in-law in 2015 and transition back into the workforce after a 10 year break. 


“You don’t lose skills from having a break, the inquisitive problem solving always stays with you. The reliability, the dependability is just transferred to volunteering. My kids volunteered me for everything.  My daughters would come home and say the boarders don’t have a lift to the netball windup and I said my Mum would do that! Whilst technology had moved on, the fundamentals had remained unchanged in that you need to understand the problem you are trying to solve before you solve it. I'm thankful for the opportunity from Claude and Dien as we have grown over the years sharing laughs and challenging each other to be better.”


7 years later Sharon leads the Service Delivery team, she has worked on numerous small, medium and large scale projects and is highly respected by clients and the Diversus team. Sharon loves working in the Information Technology industry and finds it incredibly rewarding.


“I love my job and I love working in IT. I get to work with the brightest minds, young and old who make significant improvements in digital transformation, and they challenge me every day to fully understand the problem.  I also get to work with clients who are focussed on their contributions to society through their work for government organisations, hospitals and not for profits.  Our work in IT allows them to focus on their goals.“ 


Family is very important to Sharon and one of her biggest achievements is living a balanced life without regrets.


“My biggest achievement is to live a life without regrets – so far!  I had great advice from Allan Godfrey, Royal Life Saving WA - focus on staying connected to your friends and colleagues, continually invest in yourself through knowledge and fitness, and live a balanced life.  I have tried to follow this mantra and it has paid off significantly in my personal growth.  But I guess the biggest achievement is that my eldest daughter just turned 21, has finished a Digital and Graphic Design degree and is working in the industry – way to go Caitlyn!”


Gender equality and celebrating women and their achievements is important to Sharon. She has four beautiful daughters, and is excited for their future as they enter the workforce.


“Celebrating International Women’s Day is a chance to show that we are equal. I am lucky to have never felt disadvantaged by gender.  I was employed before some of my male friends out of university in 1994!  I was also lucky to be able to concentrate on my family in their early years, however, I do have empathy for the plight of the part-time mother/worker in early 2000’s which was exceptionally difficult. I saw my sister break down barriers and work hard to ensure women who opted-in during this time be taken seriously for their hard work and dedication to their careers.  Whilst the juggle and internal battles will always be difficult for mothers and those caring for aging parents there is a lot more support to ensure women are, ‘Sitting at the table’."


"I have 4 daughters who will be entering the workforce in a fulltime capacity over the next decade.  I am excited for them thanks to women like my sister, my brother-in-law who was a stay-at-home dad and my husband who has shown them that men pull their weight at home. And of course, my Mum who is always the pillar of strength and coming from Northern Ireland has taught us resilience and to have a laugh!  Whatever their norm will look like, it will be equal.”