The Challenge

Individual WA Councils were using varied methods to accept and process planning and building applications. There were inconsistencies and bottlenecks that increased costs and reduced overall housing affordability.

The Solution

CouncilsOnline is a secure and integrated portal developed by Diversus to improve the Planning and Building Application and approval process. It is owned by WALGA on behalf of Local Government, with the CouncilsOnline Portal hosted in Western Australia and supported by a Helpdesk located at WALGA.

CouncilsOnline delivers value and efficiency to Local Government customers for the electronic preparation, lodgement and processing of Building and Planning

The solution has been live since April 2012 – coinciding with new WA Building Act 2011.

Measurable Business Benefits

By providing a single online access point for applicants (24 hours a day, seven days a week), CouncilsOnline significantly improves the effectiveness and efficiency of Local Government application and approval processes.

  • Is a fit-for-purpose, non-vendor specific solution which enables extensive system integration with core Local Government and State Government systems and utilises the national electronic Development Assessment Interoperability Specification (eDAIS).
  • Improved accessibility – by applicants to Local Government approval processes. CouncilsOnline can be used by anyone, anytime and from anywhere.

In the first year of operation 5,000 applications and 4,500 approvals were processed through CouncilsOnline. The percentage of valid applications is increasing with processing and approval times reducing since implementation. For most Councils, greater than 50% of all applications lodged are now via CouncilsOnline.

With consistent forms, address validation and streamlined approvals, some approvals now occur within 24 hours of lodgement.

  • High degree of transparency as interested parties can track applications at every stage in the assessment process.
  • Real-time KPI reporting and statistics for a Council or across the state.

For the full case study, please download our PDF version here