Tourism Western Australia



Challenge and opportunity 

The Tourism WA website has an important role to play in showcasing the beauty and wonders of Western Australia to local and international visitors alike. When it was time to redevelop the website alongside a new brand launch, Tourism WA also knew it was essential to update the supporting technology that had been used for almost two decades.

The frequently visited website, with over a million visitors a year, was expected to see even more traffic from the new marketing campaigns. International advertisements spanning radio, television, print, and a billboard in New York City’s Times Square would direct people to the site. Site reliability and performance would be an essential part of creating the right first impression for potential visitors to our state.

Opportunities to improve the authoring and management of the tourism content was also a key consideration. The site would have over 4,000 destinations and product options presented in six different languages, while the organisation also wanted to pave the way for distributing the content to their mobile app or any other future digital tool. The digital marketing team needed to become more self-sufficient, able to make changes and create new campaigns without ICT involvement.
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Working together 

Tourism engaged Diversus for their technical expertise throughout the entire project. We assisted with the early research and vendor engagement into potential technology options, right the way through to final quality assurance and coordinating with security testers. Even the commencement of the COVID lockdowns didn’t hinder the joint project team, with Diversus swapping from being co-located in the Tourism office to working remotely and interactively using Slack and other tools.

Shared Moment
“It was a complicated and challenging project, but the team at Diversus were outstanding every step of the way. The new system sets us up to develop fresh user experiences across not just the website, but future apps, and almost any future digital tool we want to introduce. It’s a genuine moment of change for Tourism Western Australia, and the start of further exciting opportunities ahead.”

Chris Amson, Senior Manager Digital Platforms, Tourism Western Australia

Solution and benefits 

At Diversus, our favourite successes are the ones we help our clients achieve. In the shared moments on this page, Chris and Nico describe what Tourism WA and the broader website team have gained from moving to cloud platforms, virtualised servers, and a new headless content management system (CMS). 

As we also like the opportunity to let our work speak for itself, we encourage you to visit the Tourism Western Australia site. The tourism and event opportunities our state has to offer are promoted by pages with beautiful imagery and a crisp accessible layout. While there you can see the new trip planner feature, which lets potential visitors take pages they have marked as favourites and drag them into an itinerary they can save, edit, and share.
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Let’s help unlock more of your organisation’s potential

The team from Diversus bring their experience and expertise from helping many other organisations pursue a wide range of technology initiatives and organisational transformations. As well as delivering timely and beneficial technology, they can work alongside your own people to provide formal and informal knowledge transfer, further enhancing the development and competency of your own workforce.


Exactly which technologies an organisation should adopt will depend on their circumstances. We can help to identify, evaluate, and implement the best technologies for your organisation based on the challenges that they resolve and the opportunities that they provide.