The Challenge

CBH’s business challenge is to effectively manage the logistics of moving grain from country sites to port. There are 130 rail sites operating at any time during day or night with variations in business process at each site. The safety of staff loading and discharging trains is paramount. The implemented process needed to eliminate the injuries associated with loading and discharging trains.

Due to the volatility of the grain dust, there were safety requirements that had to be adhered to for any operating equipment enclosed environment such as the grain discharge sheds. The process was burdened with manual data entry which often resulted in incorrect and untimely information. Transient and temporary staff over harvest period required that the process be simple enough for new casual staff to be productive with minimal training needs.

The network communications at each site also varied so the solution had to cater for online and offline conditions.

The Solution

Diversus developed and deployed a solution that modernised the manual system yet kept the simplicity required for easy end-user interface.

Several different technologies were utilised to ensure that critical information is recorded and accessible to the wider network.

  • GrainTrack System
  • Portable Scanner
  • Ruggedised Touchscreen Tablet PC
  • Dust Ignition Proof Messageboards
  • GPS for planning/alerts

Measurable Business Benefits

  • Eliminate injuries: Zero lost-time injury per month
  • Increased operational and financial efficiencies: First year’s savings – 6500 hours, near $0.5 Million; Savings in training new staff
  • Zero grain contaminations
  • Crew schedules aligned to actual train times
  • Provides accurate timely operational information
  • Eliminates manual and duplicate data entry

For the full case study, please download our PDF version here