The Challenge

In 2011, Central’s public website was redeveloped and significantly upgraded to include many ‘bells and whistles’ such as interest profiling. Over the years, with the assistance of analytics, Central determined that many features were underutilised. Moreover, the website needed to address the increase in mobile and tablet traffic. The previous platform on which the website was built hindered its accessibility.

Central was also now delivering their courses in many different ways, such as online, intensively and fast tracked; however, the current course display wasn’t able to accommodate. It was agreed that the website required refinement and updating, yet development costs were constrained by the existing web maintenance budget.

The website needed to reflect the new brand and business strategy while seamlessly integrating with Central’s course database and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Solution

Central’s public website ( is a modern responsive website that supports Central’s mission: To provide students with a contemporary and engaging learning experience leading to the qualifications, skills, knowledge, and attitudes for a successful future. 
The user-centric site has highly conspicuous navigational aids and allows users to access information efficiently and quickly. Content accuracy is paramount in the ever-changing world of higher education. The new site allows content editors to directly input course information and deliver live course pages promptly. 

The highly-flexible new course template also allows the organisation to display course pages that are customised for the different delivery modes. It not only delivers now but caters for new delivery modes that may come on board in the future.

Measurable Business Benefits

Central’s new public website, live December 2015, successfully delivers a user-centric experience allowing current and future Central students to access the content easily no matter what device, browser or screen. Moreover, the updated technical architecture and CMS provide easy updates and content enhancements by the administrators. 
Key benefits include:
  • Evolution of website within the constraints of a limited budget
  • Fully responsive designs — consistent delivery of branding, imagery and content regardless of device
  • Blog to communicate announcements, events and school information to the wider community. (
  • Seamless integration with the existing course database: Nationally-offered, VET practitioner short-course related to the Professional Learning Programs ( within the Centre for Training Excellence (CTE) site, Microsite, Central Slice ( housing creative short courses.

For the full case study, please download our PDF version here