The Challenge

Fundraising is critical to the mission and to support those impacted by fatal and nonfatal drowning. RLSSWA has conducted raffle-based fundraising campaigns for over 20 years, allowing generous community members to support through a small financial contribution.
Traditionally, raffle tickets were sold over the phone and fulfilled through direct mail, or face-to-face with printed raffle books distributed to businesses and sold by staff at shopping centres and events. This was successful, but with significant changes in market dynamics, there was a need to innovate. The costs associated with traditional paper-based fundraising has increased exponentially. Direct mail is inefficient and costly. The call centre also faced declining telemarketing contact rates for acquisition and retention. Moreover, management and audit of physical raffle books have become increasingly complex and less effective.

The Vision

The project vision was to optimise RLSSWA’s fundraising stream through the delivery of a digital end-to-end fundraising solution to ultimately provide better customer experience and automated process. The project sought the following benefits:
  • Increase customer engagement and retention
  • Streamline and improve customer experience
  • Increase market penetration facilitating increased revenues
  • Eliminate waste through process automation and ultimately save operational budget

The Solution

With the successful rollout of a refreshed corporate website and new marketing platform, the team looked to optimise its fundraising efforts through the digital channel. User journeys were mapped, and the customer experience optimised to take into account the types of donors and organisations. With personalised visuals and content, RLSSWA increased converting of customers into donors. With only four clicks, the process requires minimum effort and provides instant fulfilment. Modern and easy to use, supporters can now buy raffle tickets anywhere, anytime using their mobile phone.
The solution allows the team to measure results and continually optimise their solution to increase customer engagement. The automation of manual back-office processing has eliminated paper and tele follow-ups associated with the traditional method of processing fundraising campaigns.
This has provided significant operational savings as well as increased revenue that would have been potentially lost through manual follow-ups. The integration of social and email campaigns has resulted in increased customer reach, engagement and in turn increased donor revenues.
The solution is scalable and transferable, with the generic payment gateway interface allowing 3rd party payment (i.e. eWay) integration. Each microsite is capable of being uniquely branded and can be set up in less than one day. With the fast turnaround, scalability and security, this solution is used by 15 other Australian not-for-profits (NFPs) in the first year. The ability for RLSSWA to scale up and down the IT services based on campaigns and demand ensures quick and uninterrupted end user experience.

Measurable Business Benefits

The optimisation and digitalisation of fundraising raffles has been well adopted by
supporters and financially beneficial. Within the first year, measurable key benefits include:
  • Reduction in administration and processing costs
  • 40% conversion to online sales
  • Streamline customer experience – 4 clicks end-to-end
  • Attract new supporters – 45,000 new emails
  • Saving reinvested to provide aquatic safety training for hundreds of regional children
  • 15 other charities benefiting from the platform 

For the full case study, please download our PDF version here click here