Delivering tailored security solutions.

Diversus is an Australian technology consultancy that assist businesses in operating, managing, and expanding. We are recognised experts in our industry, driven by a vision to use technology to tackle business challenges and safeguard your assets.

The incidence of cyber threats, data breaches, and digital-based fraud continues to grow across all industries in both frequency and severity. 

As the sophistication and complexity of connected solutions continues to drive growth and new opportunities, the  vulnerability of these interactions and variety of threats also becomes more significant. 

We assist clients in improving their cybersecurity posture through our partnerships with the providers of leading cybersecurity tools and specialist services. 

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Cybersecurity considerations include:

  • Supporting the hybrid workforce
  • Secure customer digital interactions
  • Cloud configuration and access control
  • Removing known vulnerabilities
  • Advanced threat detection
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DIVERSUS + ENTRUST, a security partnership you can rely on

Diversus has established partnerships with some of the industry's most reputable and trusted suppliers, such as Entrust. In collaboration with Entrust, our team is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that prioritise security from the ground up.