What are cloud solutions?

The range of cloud computing options spans from raw storage and computing power, through to industry specific software applications.

There are a wide range of technology options that have been made possible by the emergence and growth of cloud computing and cloud services. Cloud services are on-demand, managed services delivered to your clients and employees over the internet.

Diversus is proud to partner with AWS to deliver reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Together AWS and Diversus bring a formidable partnership of knowledge, expertise and experience that will enable and transform the way your organisation works.

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What are the main implications of cloud computing for an organisation?

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More choice of technology features

Organisations can now trial and adopt solution options which would previously have been too expensive or complex for them to provision and manage in-house. This is particular true in the areas of analytics, machine learning, and generative artificial intelligence.

Greater Flexibility

Greater flexibility

Cloud based services and resources can be initiated, increased, or spread globally on-demand as user-driven software actions that do not require the delays of redeploying and reconfiguring physical hardware. In particular, performance can be continually adjusted to meet shifting levels of end-user activity over time, while innovation and experimentation are also cheaper to support and faster to initiate.

Greater Resilience

Greater resilience

While the risk profiles for cloud-based and on-premises solutions are different, cloud-based solutions benefit from having massive multi-site data centres to handle redundancy, providers performing frequent upgrades and patching, and the ability for organisations to rapidly recreate resources and solutions when needed.

Broader Access

Broader access

Cloud solutions are delivered to any location with appropriate network or internet access, while also typically supporting a wider range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, and wearable devices. This is particularly relevant in providing timely decision support and data capture to field services and any workforce operating outside the office.

Alternative Cost

Alternative cost structures

Cloud solutions are more typically charged as subscriptions or based on usage and capacity, compared to the large, upfront fixed costs of procuring expensive computing hardware. Low volume organisations are effectively sharing the cost of pooled IT resources, while the resources to cover periods of high activity and performance only need to be funded when they are actually needed.


Redirection of IT staff effort

In the many different scenarios where a cloud solution option better meets the needs of the organisation then the non-cloud equivalent, less time is needed in the management of servers and the patching of software. However, there are other considerations which become important, especially in relation to integration, interoperability, and security.

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Cloud solutions as part of digital transformation

It’s possible to pursue specific cloud technologies for individual applications or operations, especially when taking early steps in evaluating what features and benefits individual solutions can provide to the organisation.

However, a broader and more comprehensive consideration of utilising cloud-based technology across the organisation is often the approach that many organisations are now looking to take. Rather than select and adopt cloud solutions individually, organisations are considering the full range of viable options for use across their organisation as a major driver in Digital Transformation. This approach integrates wide scale business transformation alongside a consideration of all available solution options and features.

Important practices that support the adoption of cloud solutions

While there are many technical considerations in making the best use of cloud solutions, there are also important strategy and workforce considerations. These will help an organisation develop and retain their capability with cloud-based technology, while also enabling an ongoing and sustainable adoption of the solutions and their benefits. As these practices are used when delivering many other types of solutions, such as Customer Experience and Intelligent Automation, we sometimes refer to them as Shared Practices.

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How can Diversus help your organisation benefit from cloud solutions?

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Strategy and organisational adoption

Whether we assist you in creating your own strategy or propose a strategy for your consideration, you’ll benefit from our expertise in both execution and strategy, along with our experience in a wide range of cloud-based solutions and other Shared Practices.

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Cloud migration

There are a range of considerations for migration, but a significant choice is whether to re-host, re-platform, re-purchase, or re-architect. Our specialists can assist with both the decision making and the execution, so you can avoid encountering any unplanned issues as you progress.

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Cloud native development

For organisations that have already established their cloud-based infrastructure set-up and management, we can develop cloud-based solutions either independently or alongside your organisation’s own development teams.

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End-to-end consultancy

For migrations and new development, we can also take care of cloud-based infrastructure set-up and management. We can either provide this as ongoing external service for your organisation or assist them with gradually transferring it to an in-house capability.

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Technology evaluation and architecture

Using the right tools for the job is an important part of our design and development ethos. We aren’t locked into any specific cloud service provider or technology toolset. We also don’t prescribe the same approach or design for solutions that have different priorities, as we understand the costs, risks, and benefits that come with different options.

Interconnected tech

Integration and interoperability

Cloud-based solutions typically have more options for application integration and data sharing (as they are newer solutions and also built over a network-based technology). However, the challenge and complexity of using these options also increases as the combination of cloud solutions and cloud providers in use by the organisation increases. We can assist with getting your cloud solutions to work together in a manageable, coherent, and reliable way.

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Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Instead of using manual processes to provision and manage cloud infrastructure, we can capture infrastructure specifications as configuration files that are managed the same way as software code. This makes it easier to recreate cloud infrastructure and support the ongoing administration.

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Pursue data and automation advantages

Cloud solutions provide an organisation with an increased opportunity to innovate and a greater choice of options for Data and Insights, Intelligent Automation and Modern Workplace solutions.

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There is some element of the cloud in everything we do

However, you can rely on us to help make it clear what cloud options are useful in each situation and what considerations inform our choices.

Let’s help you realise more benefits from cloud technology

The team from Diversus bring their experience and expertise from helping many other organisations adopt a wide range of cloud-based solutions and technology. As well as helping to select and deliver technology, they can work alongside your own people to provide formal and informal knowledge transfer, further enhancing the development and competency of your own workforce.

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Re-host, re-platform, re-purchase, or re-architect? Our specialists can assist with both the decision making and the execution of cloud migration and adopting new cloud capabilities.