The well-attended Journey to the Digital Workplace breakfast seminar sparked great interest in how Fremantle Ports has revolutionised the way they manage projects.

The Fremantle Ports Project Development Register (PDR) has been quickly accepted as the central point for all types of projects. Since the deployment, there has been significant improvements in project governance, accountability, quality control and transparency.  The PDR also has lead to better project outcomes with more time spent planning.  Risk management has moved earlier in the project development process.

A Fremantle Ports Manager stated, “We now understand projects better and involve people earlier. If only we had PDR before….we could have saved a lot of re-work.”

We would like to thank Fremantle Ports for their participation and allowing us to share their story with other organisations in WA. We would also like to thank Nintex who's technology makes this innovative solution possible. 

If you were unable to make the presentation, we are happy to provide a personal demonstration of the solution.  Click here to contact us.