Darth Vader [Project Manager]:

You may dispense with the pleasantries, commander. I'm here to put you back on schedule.

Moff Jerjerrod [Team Lead]:

I assure you Lord Vader, my men are working as fast as they can.

Darth Vader [Project Manager]:

Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them


Darth Vader was the 2nd most feared Sith Lord in the galaxy. Being at one with the dark side of the force would give anyone an evil reputation, but putting all of that aside, Darth Vader was actually a very effective and capable project manager and leader. Here's why:


Delegation & Management

With an entire Galactic Empire at his command, Darth Vader knew he couldn't micromanage every operational aspect of the Empire and still have capacity to oversee the company strategy of ruling the galaxy.

With this in mind, Vader deftly managed downward and assigned his staff SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives to help him achieve the Emperor's strategy of crushing the rebels, including:

  • Not coming out of light-speed too close to the Rebel base on Hoth
  • Hunting down the Millennium Falcon through a densely-packed, risky asteroid field

Vader showed good leadership skills by not micromanaging his team on these objectives and expecting results to be delivered regardless of the pesky minor details.

When these objectives weren't met, Vader was quick to remind his team that he expected results and failure would be met with a force-choke!

Managing Perceptions

Meetings can be tough affairs, especially one which is called to discuss company strategy with multiple high-level stakeholders, like the one at the beginning of 'A New Hope'. As with any meeting with high-level stakeholders, egos can sometimes fly and before you know it, you're insulting the 2nd most powerful Sith Lord in the galaxy of having a 'sad devotion to [an] ancient religion'!

Vader doesn't let that phase him as he cooly and calmly 'reminds' everyone in the room of his skill with a timely force-choke and, in doing so, manages his perception as a ruthess and skillful leader and reminds everyone exactly they need him on this project in the first place! 

Recruiting Top Talent

When it was proven difficult to track down the wily Han Solo, Darth Vader wasted no time in bringing in outside help in the form of multitude bounty hunters. By this time, it was also already proven that Vader's propensity to choke his own staff was becoming an issue, therefore bringing in external contractors ensured that he had a competent resources to finish the job who were also too expensive to force-choke on a whim!

When Luke Skywalker, a fresh Jedi graduate who showed enormous upper-management potential and current, in-demand Force skills, Vader wastes no time informing his executives of the opportunity and convincing them in pursuing this talent should be a high priority in the corporate strategy and spends a larger portion of company resources to secure the talent and leadership of tomorrow's Galactic Empire.

Managing Expectations & Delivery

It's a sad fact that not all projects can have 100% of their requirements fulfilled. To assist with this, analysts can use the MoSCoW framework to determine project priorities in order to deliver a Minimum Viable Product in a given timeframe. When your project is to build a Death Star, you can bet your wookie that a functional planet-destroying superlaser is on the list of 'Musts' for the project sponsor (The Emperor)!  

By the end of 'Return of the Jedi', despite a project which was under-resourced and behind schedule, Vader had successfully delivered the Minimum Viable Product in the form of a fully armed and operational battle station, allowing his project sponsor to enjoy the benefits of gloating in front of Luke Skywalker and destroying several Rebel warships in the ensuing battle.

Sure, in the end the project was destroyed in a giant explosion, but that's why risks are never measured as a 0% likelihood of eventuating. Vader's mitigation strategy of protecting the incomplete Death Star with a planetary shield and an armada of Star Destroyers was, at the time, rightfully deemed satisfactory to prevent the destruction of the Death Star and ensure the end of the Rebel Alliance once and for all.


Say what you will about Darth Vader's megalomaniac, the guy ran a tight ship (literally), and put himself, his team and his company in the best position to capitalize on success. With his management and leadership skills, he is proven to deliver results and gets the corner office with the best view as result (or in this case, the largest and most intimidating Super Star Destroyer in the fleet). He is ever ambitious in one day planning to depose the Empéror together with Luke as father and son, but until that day of promotion, he is ever loyal to the company and its strategy.


Whatever your technology and project requirements are, including a planet-destroying superlaser, contact one of our Jedi Knights at 1300 888 900, and we can make sure the force is with you.