Diversus Senior Technical Consultant, Patrick Stysiak, has just been announced as a 2017 Sitecore MVP for the second year running.

Only nine Technical MVP awards were given out in Australia this year, and only one in Western Australia.

Sitecore’s MVP awards are awarded annually. To win one, not only do you need to be a leading professional in your particular field, you also need to have made a considerable contribution towards the wider Sitecore community, at international level.

For those not familiar with Sitecore, it’s one of the world’s leading content-management software companies. It has a massive list of international government and corporate clients /stakeholders, and considerable market share amongst the world’s leading financial institutions. It means that Sitecore has a reputation to protect.

The Sitecore MVP awards are extremely selective and a genuine recognition of professional excellence with Sitecore’s technology. Carrying considerable weight in the field, a Sitecore MVP award represents a massive achievement for not just the individual winners, but for their entire organisation.

That’s why when our senior consultant, workmate, and all-around top bloke Patrick Stysiak won his second consecutive Sitecore MVP award this year– the whole office was delighted, and taken this moment to do a little happy feet dance.

Huge congratulations on your award Pat – from everyone here at Diversus.