With strong growth in FY 2015, Diversus is on the upward trend.  The success is accredited to several multi-year and multi-million dollar contracts in the growing Diversus client portfolio. Significant contracts have ensured steady business with $12 million in forward contracts.  Diversus’ existing contracts with government departments include Department of Treasury, Tourism WA, Department of Regional Development and Office of the Auditor General. Outside the public sector, significant contracts have been secured with national insurers, including MDA National, along with standing agribusiness organisations and resource clients contributing to Diversus’ overall success.

Even though full-time consultants in the recently established Brisbane and Canberra offices do not count in the Western Australian rankings, the growth and ranking demonstrate that Diversus’ innovative, high-quality, ethical techno-business consulting is valued by our clients.

Dien Tang, Director/Principal Consultant, Diversus commented, “We have grown because we value our clients and deliver innovative solutions. Our engagements are based on trust. With the many new projects and opportunities in the pipeline, we plan to continue to move up the listings in 2016.”

Claude De Lucia, Diversus Director/Principal Consultant, commented, “We are immensely pleased with our staff who continue to build and support Diversus through their dedication and good work.  It’s the sum of all 68 consultants that have ensured our success!”

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