On 23 October 2018, Diversus was officially recognised as a Committee of Perth member as part of the Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom (B4) Report Launch.

Members of the Committee for Perth participate in the leading think-tank composed of like-minded stakeholders.  The think-tank provides input into the strategic direction of Perth by contributing their expertise to important areas of debate. Members contribute to the sustainable development of Perth as a city of rich cultural diversity, creativity, economic prosperity and world-class amenity.

At Diversus, we are committed to making a clear difference in Perth by delivering quality results and utilising market-proven technologies to empower Perth businesses. We believe that what we do matters for both the present and future generations and by imparting our values of trust, reliability, quality, and innovation, we foresee a more successful future for all. Being a member of the Committee for Perth will allow us the opportunity to connect with businesses involved in the development of Perth and future growth projects thereby assisting our ability to make the positive impact we’re seeking.

Perth is a region in transition. Across Perth and Peel businesses, residents and governments are attempting to navigate the wake of the most significant period of mining and resource sector fueled growth in the state’s history. The primary aim of the B4 project is to identify industry sectors that are growing; industries in decline; and emerging economic threats and opportunities for the future.

Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom: Perth's Pathway to Prosperity is a powerful new report by the Committee for Perth. It strips away the assumptions and generalisations about Perth being just another boom and bust economy and uses extensive and wide-ranging research to create the case for change. Looking outwards, lead indicators suggest that the region is not performing as well as it could be. In fact, Perth is lagging, and other cities in Australia and Asia are surpassing us. Competition is fierce as cities seek to be the most liveable, innovative and visited.

We invite you to join us, and other interest organisations across the Perth region, to become a change catalyst.

About the Committee of Perth

The Committee for Perth brings together a coalition of like-minded businesses and people who have a common goal of making Perth a greater city. The Committee provides a unified, apolitical and informed voice. The members come from a diverse range of sectors, but they are all passionate about our region’s future and want to make sure that it’s the best it can be for their business, staff, family and the wider community.