Diversus from inception has had sustainability part of their core ethos. With the purchase of a new office premise 2016 the team saw opportunities to increase their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint as well as enhancing employee engagement through their sustainability endeavours.

With electricity prices rising, costs of technology falling and growing concerns surrounding the impact of climate change, there has been a considerable increase in WA businesses and households installing solar panels. Being an environmentally conscious company, it was an easy decision for Diversus to invest in renewable energy sources.

It’s becoming easier and more accessible to utilise power that doesn’t come “from the grid”. These options are more environmentally friendly and economically viable. Perth has around 265 days of sunshine a year, so it makes sense to harness the benefits of solar power and minimize our carbon footprint. Diversus engaged WA’s leading Solar Power installation company Infinite Energy to install 9kw of Sunpower panels and a Fronius inverter. Infinite have installed commercial solutions for RAC, WA Parliament House and many other leading WA companies.

In 2016, the purchase of a new office premises enabled Diversus to take advantage of new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to solar panels, the following changes have been made:

  • Solar passive design considerations for heating and cooling
  • Ability to open windows for ventilation negating the need for air-conditioning
  • Deciduous trees shading north facing offices in summer and sun in winter
  • Maximising natural lighting to minimise electrical demands
  • End of trip facilities, encouraging cycling to work
  • Pool cars and electric scooters for travel to client offices
  • LED lighting internally
  • 5 Star rated appliances

Diversus’ ethos is to operate in a responsible manner that respects the environment at all stages of our business. We plan, perform and monitor activities so that adverse effects on the environment are avoided, minimised or re-mediated. We will not compromise our commitment to sound environmental management for profit or production.