At present there is no great and all powerful device available [that we know of] which is the last device you will ever need; the only device that you need to carry; the only device that you really ever use. But it’s coming, soon. What are some features that this device may have and what would it require to become the one device to rule all devices?

We may begin to get a bit of an answer to this question by looking at the recent developments in technology and the path which technology seems to be heading.  The trick is not to look too far into the future, that's when things start to become unpredictable and far fetched. Take the examples below for instance. These artists had the right idea in that technology will be used everywhere and every day, but they fail to really see outside of the box.

 Retro futurism 

Probably not the kind of computer you want in your kitchen (Source)

 Future watch 

Yes it’s a computer on a watch. No people will not evolve itty bitty fingers and microscope vision (Source)


An excerpt from the 1961 book ‘Return from the Stars’ by Stanislaw Lem being displayed on a device just like the one he was imagining (Source)

It’s important that we think about the technology that is to become available and from there we are free to loosely link those technologies in order to predict our fantastic device...

We know that technology exists to read brain waves using your mobile and a simple $100 headset, such as the Neurosky MindWave Mobile. The MindWave is an EEG reader device that you can use at home with an API allowing developers to write integrating software. Elon Musk, the man at the helm of Tesla has recently announced the launch of a new company called Neuralink that plans to develop technology that will allow us to communicate with machines using only our minds. We know that we can edit genes using software like DeskGen, allowing us to harness CRISPR technology which could have the potential to edit and manipulate human DNA. Microsoft has been looking into using DNA as a storage medium, meaning soon we could be able to store near infinite amounts of data inside of our own bodies. We can even trick our brains into thinking we’re walking down a vast hallway when really we are just walking in circles in VR environments.

All this could be achieved in small processes like the ones inside our phones They could even be accompanied by tiny Deep Learning and Neural Network processors. These processes could be similar to the M3 processor which is 1mm in size, or the BrainChip SNAP which mimics the way neurons work allowing each small silicon chip to learn and remember the way real neurons are able to do so.

The prediction: A device that is implanted into your skull that hooks directly into your brain. It will be able to read what your are seeing and thinking and can manipulate what you see, hear, and even smell (smell can be a powerful trigger for memory and emotion).

Potential Features:

  • Micro computer for processing.
  • BrainChip like hardware machine learning chip to enable it to learn about you and the content you want to see.
  • The ability to hijack your senses, eliminating the need for any type of physical outputs using CRISPR like technology.
  • The ability to read your thoughts, eliminating the need for any kind of physical inputs by leveraging new technologies in Human Machine interfaces such as Elon Musk's new company Neuralink and Neurosky's MindWave .
  • Encryption system Where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is used to determine security threats as it will be more effective than any anti-virus.


This is the last and only device you will ever need… until someone finally unplugs us from the simulation.


[As written by one of Technical Consultants]