Let Diversus Show You What SharePoint is Really Capable of Doing

There are well over 100,000,000 SharePoint user accounts worldwide and the most important users are those within your organisation. Diversus strives to ensure your users are full equipped and understand how to get the most out of your SharePoint investment.
Save 75%
Many organisations are failing to take advantage of SharePoint tools and as a result their bottom lines suffer. Up to 75% of software and infrastructure costs can be rescued with proper alignment of SharePoint.
15% increase
A 2014 Forrester Report established that productivity per SharePoint user increased up to 15% with automation of workflows. With a high functioning, streamlined SharePoint platform, cost savings can flow through to your business’ bottom line.

SharePoint is simply Microsoft’s web-based collaboration and content management platform that works with all of your other Microsoft Office products, that gives you information quickly – where you want it to be. SharePoint offers four main areas of functionality:

1. Collaboration
2. Search
3. Content Management
4. Portal Capabilities

SharePoint functionality leads to tangible business benefits such as process optimisation, process management and automation, document management and control, and compliance. Due to SharePoint’s dominance in the market, other organisations have developed plug-in tools that support SharePoint’s capabilities and streamline SharePoint implementations.

Our SharePoint Experience is Vast

Diversus has extensive experience in delivering SharePoint within many organisations, with installations ranging from “quick win” scenarios to complex multi-application implementations. Using SharePoint is not about the size of your organisation, it is about the nature of your processes and your current focus for improvement. Organisations can avoid “SharePoint complexity” and benefit from its many powerful collaboration capabilities whether it is on-premise on in the cloud.

Forms & Workflow

Nintex provides an easy solution for form development and workflow optimisation. Think of the time saved when recurring tasks are minimised to the essential components backed up by automated processes to reduce time and effort on non-revenue generating tasks. Read more here.

Cardiolog - dashboard

Business Analytics

Cardiolog is a web analytics solution, enabling organisations to improve the usability of the intranet, drive portal collaboration, boost ROI and enhance the overall productivity of the organisation. Understanding the juggernauts is step one in solving the issues and driving your business forward. See YouTube quick overview.

Governance and Compliance

AvePoint establishes information governance and compliance policies to ensure sensitive or regulated content is classified, secured, and protected appropriately. In the current cyber environment, governance and privacy are critical to every organisation.

AvePoint - logo

Integration Outside the Microsoft Suite

To enhance your team’s collaboration, SharePoint capabilities do not stop at the borders of the Microsoft suite but can integrate numerous business applications. Diversus can integrate your SharePoint with other applications such as:

  • TRIM
  • eDOCs
  • Objective
  • SAP
  • Oracle Financials
  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics AX
  • Geospatial solutions

Some of Our Examples

Award-winning projects such as WALGA CouncilsOnline highlights Diversus’ expertise to align business process providing the best outcome for all stakeholders. With over 50% of Building Applications being lodged online, the streamlined process means some approvals now occur within 24 hours of lodgement.

Tourism Western Australia is another high-profile project built on SharePoint. The development isn’t important because of the platform but the ease of use for end-users (visitors to WA) and the administrators. Visitors can Experience Extraordinary WA in with every click and easily understand what WA has to offer. On the back-end the controls allow administrators to funnel in various content from a myriad of regions, tour operators, accommodation providers, etc. to provide a robust user experience.

How We Can Help You

Since 2006, Diversus has expertly implemented and configured SharePoint throughout Australian companies. As a Microsoft Gold Partner for many years, Diversus experts are skilled and trained in best-practice SharePoint. In addition to our SharePoint expertise, Diversus’ fundamental business focus and the client benefit is significant. Diversus reliably delivers quality technology and innovative business solutions. If your organisation is ready for an incredibly powerful productivity boost, contact Diversus to capture and realise SharePoint’s potential.

If you would like to better understand and unlock the possibilities of SharePoint or implement SharePoint within your organisation, please contact us.