Program Management is more than combining a few projects together. Program Management is about the basic aspects of project management — amplified!

Often with technology solutions, the whole enterprise is impacted. The solution can be complex and require significant change management to ensure success.

Diversus is skilled in Program Management. Back in the earlier years at Diversus, we noticed that often organisations were trying to juggle a few different projects at the same time. Of course, there was a significant strain on resources and invariably something was overlooked.

With strong relationships with our clients, Diversus assumed the Program Management role. This meant not only managing the projects that Diversus were deploying, but also managing other vendors working in the organisation. It unified the projects, kept a focus on the priorities, decisions to be made and the resources required for successful implementation.

Diversus understands how to sensitively handle relationships with consultants from other organisations while keeping a professional approach to delivery. Program governance is one of the most critical aspects of program management. It creates both the structure and the practice to guide the organisation through the development, implementation and change management required when there are many projects in the pipeline. With a strong focus on strategy and a thorough understanding of delivery, program management can speak from a voice of understating about the priorities and perhaps the road blocks that are just over the horizon.

Diversus consultants possess certification and in-the-field experience to ensure a smooth journey:

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