A holistic view of customers delivers increased loyalty, better service and greater financial returns

There are over 3,800,000 Dynamics CRM users in more than 80 countries with 40+ languages. Again in 2015, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement. Nucleus and Forrester rate Dynamics CRM equally high. With CRM Watchlist granting Dynamics CRM Elite status.

Some industry benchmarks find that it can cost up to 30 times more to find a new customer than keep an existing one. The average is more conservatively 4-10 times. Regardless of the figure, reducing churn is key to increasing profits and growing your business. Dynamics CRM can reduce your churn by 3.5% on average.

Fostering strong customer relationships enables organisations to save money and increase profits. Dynamics CRM delivers significant increases in productivity across the board. Moreover, some organisations have recorded a 40% profit increase due to better understanding of the customer as well as automation.

Diversus has a long-standing alliance with Microsoft coupled with experience and thorough understanding of the product suite. Dynamics CRM is the heart of a successful organisation. Keeping a comprehensive client database allows organisations to grow smoothly while better servicing their customers.

Far gone are the days that customers interfaced with only “the sales person.” With customers interacting with sales, digital channels, technical support, accounts, customer support and more, Dynamics CRM provides a 360º view of the customer. Accessible through laptop, tablets and smartphones, Dynamics CRM provides real-time customer updates.

Why Dynamics CRM has strong user adoption:

Research validates that growing businesses that utilise well-founded data management strategies more quickly reach their potential. User adoption is the most significant barrier that needs to be overcome for a centralised customer relationship management system. The CRM systems must provide ease of navigation with useful reports and dashboards.

Research highlights the top pain points that must be addressed for a successful customer relationship management solution.

Source: http://www.softwareadvice.com/crm/userview/report-2014/

Being part of the Microsoft suite, Dynamics CRM works completely from within Outlook and easily integrates with SharePoint. Staying within the ‘comfort zone’ of staff with intuitive processes increases the likelihood of uptake. Using familiar point, drag and drop in the same suite, CRM is not a “burden” but a depository of useful, customer-focused information.

Dynamics CRM provides a host of benefits:

  • Easy to use with the native Outlook/Office interface
  • Increased sales productivity of 5%
  • Customer service productivity savings of 4.2%
  • Streamlined processes and operations to shorten time spent on proposals by 10%
  • Acceleration of sales conversion cycle by 50%
  • Lower cost than other solutions in the market
  • Reduced effort and costs to customise
  • Ease of integration with other business technology systems, improving efficiencies

Workflow and processes are streamlined in Dynamics CRM

With a holistic digital view of the customer, there is no need to rifle through papers or troll through spreadsheets. All customer information is contained in one easily-accessible file. There are many processes within the organisation that automation can enhance:

  • Marketing and communications analytics for improved segmentation
  • Improved throughput and efficiency through queue management
  • Improved throughput and efficiency through queue management
  • Ability to manage high volumes of complaints and cases easily

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