With an increase of Australian organisations having detected a security breach to their environment, now is the time to secure your environment.


  • 23% of Australian organisations have detected security breaches.
  • 46% of data breaches are malicious.
  • 27% due to negligent employees and contractors.
  • 27% due to technology failures and system glitches.
  • 15% of organisation do not perform audits.
  • Estimated average cost of A$3m per breach (source)

With over 99% of Australian organisations being reliant on technology for their critical business processes, the number of detected security incidents has increased (source).  While it may take an insignificant amount of time to recover your environment, the reputational or financial impact could be significantly more.  


 Cyber security cost


Security threats does not only involve the defacing of a website or hacking in to a database, but also includes:

  • Storing data in the Cloud and mobile devices such as phones, laptops and USB sticks.
  • Confidential attachments on emails.
  • Sharing of files.
  • Approximately 85% of the security threats are preventable.

Diversus has partnered with some of industry’s well-known and trusted suppliers, including Microsoft, Entrust and WatchDox by Blackberry, to help secure and protect your organisation from security threats.



Experts in delivering robust projects with security and risk management front of mind, means Diversus is fully equipped to facilitate strong information security processes and business confidence.

Diversus understands the need to ensure no cyber attacks occur within your organisation. Diversus provides the following services and products to assist in securing your data:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Authentication
  • Mobile Device and Data Security
  • Secure Email
  • Secure File Management Platform
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Digital enterprise architecture