A systematic review of your business processes can often uncover an innovation to capture more value.


At Diversus, we practice what we preach! We systematically review our business processes using all the rigors that we use with our clients. This indoctrinated practice has highlighted changes both large and small that have allowed us to continue to grow.

When Diversus undertakes a business process modelling engagement, we review the business holistically:

  • Purpose
  • Target customers
  • Offerings
  • Strategies
  • Infrastructure
  • Organisational structures
  • Trading practices
  • Operational processes and policies

Diversus business process modelling experts are able to transition you smoothly from traditional linear-based business processes towards a more collaborative platform. At the completion of the business process modelling engagement, your organisation will better understand:

  • How to create value
  • How to deliver value
  • How to capture value

It’s not always about money, its about value (economic, social, cultural, or other forms of value) and sustainability. Moreover, your organisation will be better equipped to react and evaluate new opportunities based on how they fit into your business.

If you think there may be a better way, contact us to see if there is.